Chairman's letter

Emruz Iskenderov
Chairman of the board

"Azmade Group" LLC was established in Azerbaijan with the goal to develop national production in the industrial, construction, agricultural and machine-building sectors and bring innovations to these fields. As a company, we try to build our activities on the correct study of the needs of consumers.

We see the rapid development of non-oil sector of economy in our country and the strong state support for it. This has a special impact on the formation of production culture in our country. Our company operates to make its own contribution to the development of our national industry and to become a part of the globalized world.

Our goal is to expand the access of our products manufactured under the "Made in Azerbaijan" brand to foreign markets, as well as to be recognized as a reliable partner in the region and far corners of the world.

By attracting new qualified employees we successfully continue the joint activities to achieve our goals.