Our company is constantly looking for professional specialists. If you want to join our team, you can send your CV to All applications are reviewed by the recruitment division and the most relevant candidates are invited for an interview.

Staffing process


Search stage

Based on the incoming employment applications, candidates who meet the vacancy requirements are identified through alternative search channels (social networks, websites, etc.) then telephone contact is maintained with them and a convenient time is set for an interview.


Initial assessment stage

This stage includes the first interview with candidates. The logical and mathematical knowledge, computer skills, specialized knowledge, language skills of candidates can be checked on that stage.


Selection stage

Candidates who have successfully passed the initial assessment stage will meet with the head of the structure. The head of the structure determines whether the candidate’s technical skills and other criteria meets the job. Reference checks are conducted for the candidate who is considered for the position.


Placement stage

A job offer is made to candidates whose employment has been accepted. The employee is provided with an information about the starting date, salary and benefits provided by the company. Employment contract is concluded on the basis of mutual agreement.