"Azmade Group" LLC company, established in 2018, has been a candidate to be one of the leading companies in an industrial sector of our country as a group of companies that made high-quality recruitment, determination of long-term goals and efficiency in achieving goals its main missions since its establishment. "Azmade Group" LLC creates job opportunities for thousands of people as well as contributing to the economy of the country by having subsidiary companies that operate in different sectors.


"Azmade Group" LLC group of companies include leading companies in their sectors such as "Delta Group C.O." LLC production and distribution company, "Platek Pact" bakery plant, "CPC" LLC corn processing plant,"AzBadam" LLC almond gardens, "AzRose" flower and attar production company, "Caspian Coast Winery and Vineyards“ vineyards and wine plant, "Spark" LLС concrete manufacturing company, "AAC" LLC porous laying blocks company, "Zayam Technologies Park" OJSC metal constructions plant. The main goal that the company has set is to provide high-quality services, to win the sympathy, to use the most recent and advanced means in their fields.

"Azmade Group" LLC has undertaken the mission of being a company that has the production ability improving day by day by using modern technologies."